WestSmart EV

Selected Results

WSEV Public Charger Deployment
50kVA Transformer Loading on a 12 Home Distribution System with 4 EVs (Mid), 8 EVs (High) and with the addition of solar PV generation.


Transportation electrification by means of increasing plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) adoption presents both opportunities and challenges to power system operators. Although the electrification of transportation offers power utilities the opportunity to increase total load served in an era of flat year-over-year electricity sales, the sustainable integration of PEVs over the long term requires improved understanding of overload risks on existing power distribution systems. In this context, we propose a probabilistic model to study the impacts of residential PEV charging load on distribution systems.


  • A. Palomino, M. Parvania. “Probabilistic Impact Analysis of Residential Electric Vehicle Charging on Distribution Transformers.” 2018 North American Power Symposium (NAPS). IEEE, 2018. DOI
    • Keywords: Plug-in electric vehicles, distribution systems, transformer loading, probabilistic modeling.


Rocky Mountain Power, Utah State University, Idaho National Laboratory


WSEV Charger Deployment Map